Rail technology

The Fehlings group offers infrastructure systems, providing complete customer solutions for the following client groups:

  • manufacturing/ industrial companies
  • regional and national railways
  • local traffic companies

Delivery of new materials

  • Rail sleepers of wood, steel, plastic or concrete in all sizes and of any type, including special solutions, e.g., heavy load designs, catch and guiding devices
  • Switch sleepers of wood, concrete and plastic, e.g., predrilled switch sleeper sets of wood
  • Bridge sleepers of wood and plastic, including milling and planing according to plan
  • Vignol rails up to 120 meters length of all standard and special quality grades
  • Grooved rails up to 18 meters length of all standard and special quality grades
  • Switches, switch components, crossings and turnouts
  • Track yokes, track sections and track bends
  • Check rails
  • Switch blades
  • Buffer stops und track closures
  • Track fasteners
  • Elastic systems
  • Switch drives
  • Installation of track sections
  • Switch drives, shackles, water drain boxes and many other items

Delivery of used material

  • Track and switch sleepers of wood and concrete of all dimensions and types
  • Reconditioning of used wood sleepers, milling, drilling and plating
  • Steel sleepers
  • Vignol and grooved rails up to 30 meters
  • Switches
  • Rail yokes
  • Buffer stops
  • Track fasteners