crane track technology

Our department for crane track technology assists you in all matters relating to crane tracks. All questions in the following fields can be addressed to the team of crane track technology specialists:

  • Crane rails
  • Fasteners
  • Installation
  • Materials and installation technology

For further details, please consult our partner, Heinrich Krug GmbH & Co. KG

Our supplies and services in crane track technology are extensive, specialized and innovative. Besides, if you wish we will be at your side in all phases of a project – from planning to completion.

  • Delivery of all common crane rail profiles, mostly from stock
  • Cutting to fixed length, right-angle or mitre
  • First stage machining such as cutting holes for fixing points, reduction of the rail base width, stepped joints, etc.
  • Selection of suitable Gantrail clips and Gantrail bases for your application
  • Selection of supporting plates, anchors and other accessories for concrete applications
  • Production of supporting plates on CNC machines in our workshop
  • Installation of the crane track on site, including documentation by measuring logs and welding of trail joints