Our many years of experience in the industry, combined with constant improvement of ourproducts, enable us to constantly add innovative solutions to our extensive product portfolio for all requirements in switch technology.

Through our partners Künstler Bahntechnik GmbH, Heinrich Krug GmbH and Bahnbedarf Möhlau we offer an extensive range of services in switches to our customers. For example, design and production, individual technical consultation and engineering work, as well as the production of Vignol and grooved rails switches and crossings, even multiple track switches, are part of our expertise.

  • Vignol switches
  • Grooved rail switches
  • Special construction, including multiple-rack switches (photos 3-, 4-, 5-track switches!)
  • Switch spares
  • Joints
  • Installation of elastic systems (ready for installation)
  • Flash butt welding

We offer extensive, full-scale service not only at the customer’s place but also in our switch construction factory. Our highly qualified employees and approved infrastructure welders provide the following work in our switch factory:

  • New construction of switches and crossings (Vignol and grooved rails)
  • Delivery of switch replacement parts (blades, check rail, turnouts)
  • Track sections and track bends
  • Rail picks
  • Switch reconditioning and second hand switches according to industry standards A / B
  • Repair welds
  • Switch condition assessment / Switch measurement

In addition, we offer the following services on customers’ sites:

  • Switch service
  • Start-up checks / operation checks (4-6 weeks after installation)
  • Switch condition assessment / Switch measurement
  • Definition / verification of the switch geometry
  • Switch and replacement part delivery and installation